Fishing & Hunting

The Canterbury High Country is a popular area for both fishing and hunting.


Fishermen will find a wealth of places to test their skills in the Lake Coleridge area including fast flowing rivers, tranquil lakes and quiet streams.

If you know how to fly fish or spin cast and have your own equipment, we can point you in the direction of popular fishing spots for trout and salmon.

If you have never fished South Island rivers and lakes before, you should start with tips and advice from a professional fishing guide, which we can help arrange.

Canterbury fishing

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Fishing Regulations & Licence

Please visit the Fish & Game website for information about fisheries in the North Canterbury region, fishing seasons and regulations, and getting a fishing licence.

You will also be able to buy a fishing licence online when you are at the Lodge.

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Places to fish for trout and salmon

Some fishing spots near the Lodge are mentioned below, but visit the Fish & Game website for more information.

Lake Coleridge

Lake Coleridge is approximately 18km long, up to 200 meters deep and covers just over 3,500ha. It supports New Zealand’s largest population of landlocked Chinook salmon and both brown and rainbow trout. You can fish the lake either from the shoreline or by boat. Walking and boat access is a short drive from the Lodge.

Small alpine lakes

From the Lodge you can drive to many smaller alpine lakes such as Lake Selfe and Lake Georgina, which have summer and winter trout fishing seasons.

Rakaia River

The Rakaia River is just a short walk from the Lodge and the white post that identifies the river’s Western & Eastern Zones, which have different fishing seasons, is near us.

The Fish & Game website provides all the information you need to know about where, when and how to fish.

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Fishing Guides

To see those hard to find places, or if you just need some tips and advice to get started, let us put you in touch with a fishing guide in Lake Coleridge Village. A fishing guide can show you what fishing in the high country is really about.

If you have some experience and the right equipment, you may benefit from just a brief chat with one of our guides.

Guided fishing trips can take you to secluded alpine lakes nearby, or for an out-of-the ordinary adventure some fishing guides use a jet boat or helicopter to reach remote locations. We can put you in contact with a guide to discuss options.

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The Rakaia and Coleridge Valley is home to some of the finest hunting in New Zealand. Whether you are a proficient hunter, a complete novice, or just wanting a photographic safari, there are a variety of options for you.

Canterbury Hunting Trips

Resident hunting guides at Terrace Downs Golf Resort offer half to multi-day hunting trips, as well as photographic safaris, and more hunting operators are listed on the Methven Information Centre website.

The Lodge can help you book a hunting expedition.